Thursday, October 2, 2008

From My Window

I once had an office on the second floor of the church. One spring day I noticed some leaves and branches sitting on the ledge of my window. Perplexed I was about to brush them off, when the next day I noticed a bird was building her nest. My first reaction was to destroy it. Remember I don’t like birds; I categorize them with weird clowns and Brussels sprouts. But something deep inside me told me to stop. I watched daily as she methodically built her nest and laid her eggs. Each day when I can in my office I would check on her. When it stormed I found myself wondering about her safety. When the wind blew hard, I worried if the babies were alright. I witnessed her feeding, tending, and taking care of the little babies until one day they were big enough to fly off on their own. I realized I got an up close seat to witness nature just as God intended. I was an observer of the balance miraculous circle of life that most people miss. It was an awesome thing to be a part of even if I was only a bystander. Long after the babies flew off and the mother left the nest, I kept the nest untouched on the ledge. As people would enter my office and notice this pile of leaves and sticks, all would suggest I needed to clean off my window. I realized that they did not get to witness what I saw. They only viewed the pile of trash. I was the only one that saw God’s creation and circle of life because I viewed it each day I was in my office. For me it was a reminder of God’s activity in all of life, everyone else saw a pile of trash.
I also have realized the same hold true in our church. I get the awesome privilege each day to see God working in the lives of people in our church. I get to hear statements like “what are YOU going to do” be transformed by the Holy Spirit into “what are WE going to do.” Most of Gods work goes unnoticed by most because they do not get to look out my window. I get the sacred opportunity to meet people at their bedside, homes, or my office, and hear their prayers. I catch sight of their pain, frustration, and struggles. I get to see God’s healing in lives of people but because of trust and confidentiality I can not speak about them. I get to experience how scripture can play a prophetic voice to sermons and things that happen around us. The way the Holy Spirit moves us, how God is transforming us, and how Christ is influencing the lives of people in our church are intangible facts or data. They are not numbers, or something we can add up to find a sum, an answer, or hard data. They are the reflection of Christ in the lives of us. I forget that most of the time most of the individuals of our faith community are not there on Sunday evenings to feel the energy of CYRCLE, hear the prayers and concerns of our Elders, work weekly with the Visioning ministry team, see kid’s playing soccer with FCC on their uniforms, or witness God’s physical healing on people. There are many more to list, but God is doing miracles in our community, the fire of the Holy Spirit is burning brighter, and Christ love is exhibit even if EVERYONE is not their to observe it themselves. All they see is a pile of trash on a window sill; I am reminded of God’s active in His creation, that’s something to think about.
Peace & Grace,

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