Monday, October 27, 2008

I learned a valuable lesson this week from my extended family. Don’t discuss politics with the Henegar family. In an exchange of comments to one another about political issues, comments made in fun political banter were rebutted by mean hearted angry attacks. Something that started out so innocent as a joke and fun turned badly very quickly. I was also reminded if you win the argument but lose the relationship no one wins. When the rhetoric died down and cool minds prevailed we really agreed on most of the essential issues. We just disagreed on the path to get to the place we all want for our country. Communication is the key to any relationship. Constant communication is the value essential to any health relationship. We communicate in many diverse ways; with our speech, with our actions, with our lack of actions, with our works, emails and texting. If our communication with anyone is taken out of content or used as not our intent it is up to us to make corrections, apologize and bring clarity. This same principle is even greater in our communication of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul was in constant communication with the early church about ministry. He sent words of encouragement, love, and support. He partnered with them in the essentials of our faith. Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing we are to communicate as the church. It is the key component of any ministry. If the minister does not know someone is ill and needs a visit, pastoral care can not take place. If someone is in need of prayer and does not communicate that to others, prayers are not lifted up on their behalf. If there is confusion, it most always leads to frustrations. Our sole responsibility as Christians is we are required, called, requested, demanded, obligated and asked by God is to communicate His message of love, mercy, forgiveness and grace to anyone we meet. We must communicate freely and be a witness to Christ working in our lives. We must be open to trust God as we open up our true self to others. To share the gospel is to share our struggles and our success. Is there a risk in being hurt, taken disadvantage of, or being misunderstood? Yes, but without the risk God’s activities will not be communicated. Let us all join together to take up the challenge to communicate God’s activity in our lives and the lives of others. Tell someone what God has done in your life. We just can not afford to just wait for someone else to do it. Doing nothing is not an option for Christ’s church.

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