Monday, September 22, 2008

Drying Out

The more I experience self awareness and observe people the more I am convinced we live in a desert. I don’t mean a global warming issue, weather patterns, or melting ice caps, but a society that is drying up. The desert is a dry baron land that life is reduced to pure survival. Politicians running office shout the theme of change but revert to the same method of politics. Advertising bombards us with messages that we need products, services, and goods that make us fill better about ourselves. Economics experts give us not so beautiful scenery for the future. We are drying up on life, creativity, adventure, and hope. So where is God?

The desert has always provided a vital setting though out the Bible. The Israelites wondered in the desert before God brought them into the promise land. Jesus was taken to the desert by the Holy Spirit in order to be tempted by Satan. In the desert everyone is exposed, unprotected, and vulnerable. It is not a pleasant place to be. It causes every individual to be tested, battered, and pushed to the limit. Being in the desert exposes our true character and personality to all around us. While we are in the desert, we desperately need to feel and see the tangible evidence that God is with us. We need the reassurance that God has not forgotten about us. The Israelites were thirsty, complained to Moses, then to God. The desperately wanted the commodity of water to replace their thirsty. The commodity when delivered seems to replace their need for the presences of God. What commodities do we replace for the need of Gods presences in our lives? In our advertising it is the "commodity" that becomes the substitute for God and provides the answer, whether it is the answer to loneliness, depression, popularity, joy well being etc. Maybe we would not be drying out if we separated the commodity for the company of Christ in our lives. Christ tells us that when we drink from His water, our thirst is forever eliminated, and we will realize exactly the content of our character. That’s something to think about.

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