Monday, May 3, 2010


Sunday we will celebrate Mother’s Day. It gives us time to reflect and wonder just who is mother. A mother can but does not necessarily be the woman who gave us life, but the one who loves us unconditionally, nurtures us, and influences who we are as adults and who we will be as parents. Mother is half of the parent team, the one who gave birth to you as a child. When she first held you in her arms, she fell madly in love with you! She is the one that changed your diaper, gave you your bottle, bathed and dressed you. She is the one who tended to you when you were sick, wishes she could have bore your pain, but unable to even share it with you. There is none like a Mother.

If you have children, then you know what it's like to be a Mother. Often, it's a tough job. A mother puts her children’s needs before her own, only to prepare them for the world in which they must live. Sometimes a Mother is lucky and through love, commitment, and dedication produces well-adjusted teenagers and later adults. Mostly, no matter how her child’s life turns out, a Mother sits and worries that she hasn't done her best with her children, especially if they don't turn out as she thought they should, with all the guidance she had given them.

Mother is a human being, capable of making mistakes. She is not perfect, just as none of us are perfect. But she is the one that we picture as being perfect during our childhood. As we become older, we realize that Mothers are capable of right and wrong ways of doing things, missing the mark, just as much as the next person. But she is still Mother. The thing that sets her apart is her everlasting love for her children and her goal that we lead normal, well-adjusted lives.

Not until we become adults, do we really begin to appreciate WHO Mother really is. She has nurtured us through our childhood, put up with our playful and rebellious ways and times of being lazy during our teenage years, and cried through each stage as we transitioned into becoming an adult. But Mother was always there to encourage us when we made a mistake, feed us physically or spiritually, reassure us tragedies in our own life are temporary, and give us comfort and peace. As we grow older and have our own children, we realize that Mother was a very strong person, full of wisdom, and influential in how we parent. It is here we begin to truly appreciate her dedication, love and commitment. When we become parents, we realize Mothers are special gifts from God.
If you Mother is still living it is not to late to tell her how much you appreciate all the love, support, and guidance she has given you all these years. Reminder her of the times she was there for you, tell her how you appreciate and realize all her sacrifices, and cherish the time you have. If she has passed, lift up a prayer to her, as her soul listens. Let us all lift up a special prayer of thanksgiving to God for the special gift of Mother, whom ever she may be..
Happy Mothers Day..