Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WEiRD Thoughts On Money

WEiRD: Because NORMAL still isn’t working.

Over the past two weeks two very sensitive topics have dominated everyone’s conversations in our community. From the Centralia High School, Body Shoppe, Beauty Shop, Schnucks, and even our local churches, everyone is talking about the quick high rising prices of gas and the possible closing of the Murray Center. Both topics have a huge, devastating economic impact on our community. Faced with uncertainty, we all face the fear, anxiety, frustration, and stress not knowing the outcome. We can begin to feel hopeless. As the church we must be willing to respond. I encourage everyone to get active and sign the petition to save the Murray Center, voice your concern, and do whatever you can. We need to keep in mind and prayer the residence and employees of the center and their families. Whatever the outcome our community will need our church more than ever. It makes our vision of connecting people to the love of Jesus Christ more important than ever. So it’s time to get WEiRD.

As last week we kicked off our sermon series WEiRD: Because Normal Isn’t Working we discovered that many of us are living a life that our society is telling us is normal but it’s leading us to a place in our life full of stress, anxiety, and fear. (If you missed the sermon, we strongly encourage you to watch it on Facebook or YouTube.) The fear we hold now is because we are living in a world that is trying hard to convince us that some things are normal. The normal view of money tells us that who has the most money wins. Those who don’t have a lot of money are losers. Normal says our money is our security. A normal view of money is that our money is disposable. We can do with it whatever we want. Normal tells us that if gas prices continue to rise and the Murray Center closes, along with jobs lost at the Post Office, we are doomed.

But what if there was another way? What if there was a WEiRD way of looking at money? While we may not have control over gas prices or facilities closing, we do have control over our attitude and view on money. What if we can adopt a WEiRD Biblical view on money? What if there was a WEiRD way we could take back control of the financial area of our life? What if we could reposition ourselves financially that we can face whatever awaits us in the future? Normal isn’t working. If you are stressed, confused, or obsessed over money join us as we explore WEiRD thoughts on money. We will uncover relevant Biblical principles that will change your life forever. As we face the uncertainties of tomorrow, we don’t face them alone. It’s time we get WEiRD because normal isn’t working.

Daniel replied, "No wise man, enchanter, magician or diviner can explain to the king the mystery he has asked about, but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries." -- Daniel 2:27-28

See ya in church but until then take care of yourself and one another.
Peace. Love & Happiness,

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