Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Man and His Stretchy Shorts

I am not sure if you are like me but I have a favorite pair of shorts I wear all the time. At then end of the day, I can not wait to get home and put on my stretchy shorts. As soon as I put on these shorts I relax, unwind, and feel at home. They are riddled with holes, paint splatters, and extremely faded. They share the scars of many life events. To most people my stretchy shorts are hideous looking, so I stopped wearing them in public. Kellie has thrown them out several times but I fish them out of the trash and put them on again. They are comfortable, they help me relax, yeah, they may be just warn out fabric, but me and my stretchy shorts have been through a lot together. We both have weathered the storms of life together. We are like two old friends. We use to jog, workout, and play basketball together but as we both aged we now just eat, watch basketball games, and take naps. After eating a huge meal, I and my stretchy shorts find relief in one another. Yes, I have many other pairs of shorts, but nothing can bring me comfort like that one special pair. I just can not seem to part with them. They are apart of me and I am apart of them, I just can’t see myself parting with them.
Maybe you have a special pair of clothing that brings you comfort and relief. Maybe a favorite warm sweat shirt, T-Shirt, dress, blanket, that the moment you put it on brings you relief from the stress of the world. It is more about the peace it brings that the actual fabric. Sometimes we may find our spiritual life like that as well. When we find something that fits right, bring peace, helps us connect with Christ; we want to hold on to it forever. Just the mere routine of church can bring about this same sensation as well. We find an overwhelming sense to keep things just the way they are, not matter if they are tattered and worn out. Jesus calls us to experience something new. At a wedding in Canaan, when the host was about to be embarrassed, the reception ruined, Jesus brought about new wine. He turned ordinary water into a wine much better tasting, much richer, fuller, than what was served before. He does not ask us to throw out what connects us to Him, just experience something new that will enhance what we have already experienced. He has the power to turn the ordinary water into the richest of fine wine. Christ has what we need if we want an enriched relationship with God and one another. Christ is not saying throw out your stretchy shorts, just add a new shirt to go along with what you already have. Take the traditions of the past, the routine of the now and jump into the future. If we take that approach, He will transform our ordinary into an expensive precious commodity. Then we will experience comfort and peace like never before.
See ya in church but until then take care of yourself and one another.

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