Monday, July 14, 2008


Welcome to Fat Daddy Ministries Blog..
Fat Daddy Ministries is founded and directed by Rev Thomas J Henegar (better known as Fat Daddy). This blog is intended for those to post questions about life, religion, church and relationships. The vision of Fat Daddy Ministries is to help all understand the relevance of Christ in today's society. It is not to sway, brainwash, or convince you of only one political or social point of view. It is to discuss openly and freely the relevant problems to life today as we know it.
Who is Fat Daddy?
Fat Daddy is Rev Thomas (Tommy) J Henegar. The named came for the nickname given to him by the youth of Kingsway Christian Church when he served as Youth Minister. A loving term that seemed to stick with him through out his ministry. Rev Henegar is an ordained minister with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) he is presently serving First Christian Church Centralia. After a failed attempted at a career in music and before being called into the ministry full time, Rev Henegar worked as a counselor with troubled youth in the Memphis Tn area. He has served at Kingsway Christian Church and as the pastor/developer of Crossroads Christian Church. More importantly, Fat Daddy is married to a wonderful wife of 15 years, Kellie (aka Sexy Momma)with two awesome children, Abby & Will. In his spare time, Fat Daddy likes to ride his Harley,(plug) play his Martin and Pearl (plug) , and work out at the Body Shoppe in Centralia. (big Plug) Fat Daddy is a graduate of Overton High School in Memphis TN, the University of Memphis (go tigers go) and Memphis Theological Seminary.

Disclaimer: Fat Daddy Ministries is a ministry of Rev Thomas J Henegar and his own personal view at the world and while similarities may exist, it does NOT reflect the views, opinions, or ideas of FCC or any churches He has served in the past.

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