Wednesday, July 23, 2008

But what about tomorrow...

If you are like me, tomorrow is the best day to start something new. In our church, it is easier to start things later rather than now. When I look down at my belly getting bigger and my pants getting smaller.. Tomorrow is the best time to start the diet. This is reinforced as I pull into Dairy Queen for a large blizzard. I'll wait until tomorrow to cut the grass. One thing we count on in our conscious is that there will always be tomorrow.
This happens all to often in our personal relationships with other individuals as well. Tomorrow we'll spend quality time with each other. Tomorrow we will have that romantic get away we talk about exhausted each night when we crawl into bed. I'll take you fishing tomorrow son, I promise. I'll teach you to play the guitar, we'll start tomorrow. I'll call my sick friend tomorrow, he's probably tired today, it's getting late. It really should be a disorder or disease, I'll Do It Tomorrow-IDIT.
This carries over into our spiritual life as well. We want a closer relationship with God but we want to wait to tomorrow to start. If we were striving and wanted/ needed something to make the pain in our empty stomachs go away, we would say, "I'll eat tomorrow." I desperate want to spend more time in prayer, study, and in relationship with God but I'm busy. I look and see Christ sitting patiently in the corner for me to spend time with him. He waits.. not out to guilt me but out of a love that grants me an undying peace and joy. I struggle to not put off to tomorrow. That is how evil really works, not overtly but stealthy, until I realize tomorrow might not be there. To those I love, I hope I have showed it today. For those who have done me wrong, forgiveness comes today. I hope today is the day I spend time with my Savior who waits for me. Joy, peace, love, hope, romance, forgiveness, excitement, and resurrection begin today, as I try to live with no tomorrows.

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