Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Future Family beginning April 14, 2013

It is true that we can choose our friends, we can choose our spouse, we can choose our vocation or career path but we cannot choose our family. Each of us no matter the connection or closeness has a family. A healthy, nurturing, wholesome and loving family is NOT the norm for most people. Our character, self-worth, actions, attitudes, our ability to handle life and the way we function in relationships are directly tied to our family of origin. When you search the entire Bible you will not find one example of a healthy functional family. All families in the Bible are very much dysfunctional in today’s standard. While there are not good examples of healthy families in scripture we can still learn a lot about who we are as individuals and how our family dynamics define who we are, shape who we are, and set for us a trajectory on life’s journey. During this sermon series, we as a faith family will look what is the ideal or perfect family, what is required of us, how we react when there is conflict in our family, everything there is to know about parenting, why we all long for a parents approval, and what legacy are we leaving for our family. This will be a defining moment for clarity, understanding, and hope as we uncover the affects our family has over us. Please make plans now not to miss one week of this sermon series. Invite someone, especially a family member, as we learn to live with our family and become aware of the influence it has on all aspects of our life.

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