Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After the 2012 Election is OVER, NOW What?

In the aftermath of last night’s election results I have been called to respond in some way. The results of the election on exactly who holds the office of president of the United States does not have to be the totality of the outcome. Here are just some thoughts I have taken away from this year’s electoral season.

The 2012 election and any election is just a season. The reality of the process of any election is that it takes division to become victorious. One side must recruit, persuade, or manipulate you into thinking not only that their way is the best but the other side is dangerous. Please remember that this is only one season. Seasons come and go. People will get on with their daily lives, going to work, paying taxes, and raising their families. Those that are celebrating in victory, your elation will quickly pass. Those who are experiencing the agony of defeat, this too will change. There will be other elections, other candidates, other pressing issues, and other times of division so do not let this brief moment in time define who we are as a nation.

Relationships are always more important than votes or candidates. Yesterday I had a choice of casting just one vote for one of two gentlemen. I had to choose between two people whom I do not know personally, have never met, nor will I probably ever meet on a personal level. The two candidates were presented to me and I chose one that was the closest in line with my ideology, my theology, my ethical decision making, and my moral compass. Honestly neither was a perfect or ideal fit, so I chose the one closest to my own beliefs. It doesn’t mean if someone voted for the other that they are any less intelligent, compassionate, or informed than I am. It simply means, given a choice between the two, they choose differently. I cannot think of one person I would want to be president that would cost me a friendship or strain a relationship I had with anyone. Presidents come and go, they will be judged for their actions by our Creator just like I will. Win or lose I pray people can begin to repair any relationships that was damaged or strained during this electoral season. If one’s truly goal is the betterment of our country, we must be able to look past the office of president and into the eyes of our friends and family and begin to heal. We must be willing to mend relationships if we are going to heal our nation.

The outcome of any election has no relevance to my faith in God. I strongly believe whether my candidate won or lost the outcome has no influence what so ever on my relationship with Christ. In my practice of faith, for me, Christ does not tell me to vote for one guy or the other but he does call me to be compassionate, merciful, understanding, and open to all His children. If my dude won last night it doesn’t mean God loves me more than another. If my guy lost, it doesn’t mean God loves or favors me any less. Simply put, it was two political parties that went head to head in one election, not two religions. What does have an impact on my relationship with God is how I act moving forward. Do I gloat and put down my neighbor because I somehow feel victorious? Do I spread doom and fear to those around me because my guy lost? Jesus didn’t tell me to vote, he told me to love. My faith is strengthened only if I continue to love, not vote.

The day after an election tells more about the resolve, freedom, strength and unity of a nation than a leader they elected. As a nation, do we stay divided or come together to make our a better place to live. If we are to be strengthened as a nation we must work to make this a better place for everyone. We must continue to keep our elected official accountable but also not just throw insults because our team lost. We should first and foremost all want the best for our country, demand the best out of our leaders, but also do our best to make our own neighborhood a better place to live. We must be an example to our children and future generations as they are watching, learning, and will repeat our behavior and attitudes. Remember our children and grandchildren are reading our Facebook statuses, Tweeter post, and blogs and setting their moral compass by what we do. What better lesson we have the opportunity to teach our future citizens than unity after division, collaboration after competition, and resolve after battle. We all want the same thing and many times our most furious rival can become our best teammate.

I would like to be remembered by who I am as a person, husband, father, and pastor. In the totality of my life, I pray that I was able to make someone else life better. My goals and calling in life is to leave this world a little better than when I entered. For me, I am called by God and given a vision of how to carry that out each and every day. Each day God brings me opportunities to live out my purpose. I get to meet incrediable new people, I get the warmth of a hug, I get to share a prayer with someone who is struggling, I get to blesss children, join couples in marriage, and honor and celebrate the lives of those who have died, and comfort their loved ones. At the end of the day, I will find my peace, my joy, and my satisfaction on how well I lived that out each day and not who I voted for in a presidential election in 2012. End the end, with God’s help; I honestly feel I can bring about more change than someone that holds an elected office. So join with me in repairing any relationships damaged during this election, remember it’s only a brief season, live you faith not your politics and we all well be fine.
Peace, Love & Happiness:

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