Wednesday, March 14, 2012

“Just One WEiRD Church”

Press Release: "I SERVE a WEIRD church.” Yes, in case you haven’t realized it by now, the church I currently pastor, First Christian Church is a weird church. We are far from normal. It’s fine because normal will lead us down the path to a destination where we don’t want to be. It will lead us to normal. We are a WEiRD church and something weird is going on. We are not weird just for different sake but in a God Weird kind of way. God is moving. There is not a week that goes by that someone doesn’t email or text me to tell me about what God is doing in their life.God is touching people. If you are brand new or been around FCC forever, you will agree that this ain’t normal. God is touching people, God is doing something unique as He is pouring out his Spirit upon us and it keeps on getting weirder by the minute and we really wouldn’t want it any other way.

Why don’t we want to be a normal church? Because Jesus calls us, desires for us, and instructs us to be a weird church. Normal church is worrying about numbers in worship each week. While Jesus was not bothered by large crowds, he wasn’t impressed by them either. Weird church says the only number we are concerned about it one. We understand, like Jesus, in the midst of a crowd is the one; the one marriage, the one single mom, the one widow, the one hurting, the one teenager, the one lost. Normal says build up your attendance numbers. Jesus kind of weird says focus on the one. Normal says spend the churches money on sound systems, lighting, and video stuff as it will help you draw a crowd. Jesus’ weird says spend it on Centralia Group Workcamp; as we host 450 young people from around the world, to repair 65 homes free of charge for those struggling in our community, and bring a true sense of hope and love to real people in need. Normal says you have to have one distinct worship style that focuses on entertaining. Weird church says offer Fusion Worship that connects all generations together in praise and worship, enhances the traditions of the faith, and is life changing. We provide just one service that doesn’t separate but offers relevant and Spirit-felt time to be in the Holy presence of God. Normal says you have to have a good looking charismatic preacher who is famous in his own community. Weird is FCC got a middle aged, washed up musician from Memphis, Tennessee who rides a Harley and has no concept of fashion. Normal is leading a Bible Study; weird is spending individual quiet time with God daily in SOAP. Normal says invite people like your self to church. Weird is not just sitting at the feet of Jesus but helping carry the heavy load of the lost, broken, and normal people unlike you. Normal says when times are financially hard preserve the money you have. Weird says we are giving more money away to help others than ever before. Normal says it’s all about us. Weird says it’s all about them. Jesus taught us to be a WEiRD church. Normal is about going with the crowd, doing what everyone else is doing, moving from place to place, and building up the numbers. But remember that while Jesus was necessarily bothered by the crowds. He wasn’t impressed by them either. Why? Because normal isn’t working. So get Weird; join us this Sunday for Fusion Worship, as we look at how God is calling us to be a very WEiRD church.
See ya in Fusion worship, but until then take care of yourself and one another.

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rob mitchell said...

wierd is a good thing Tommy keep up the great work you are doing my friend and brother in Christ