Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Tim Tebow really Jesus wearing #15

People all day have been asking me if I believe that #15 Tim Tebow for the Denver Broncos is really Jesus returning to play football. I don’t really know but I have done some unofficial, non- theological, non sanctioned research. Here are some compelling non objective facts.

• Officially, Tebow passed for 316 yards against the Steelers, completing 10 of 21 pass attempts -- meaning he passed for 31.6 yards per completion- John Elway was a legendary Bronco QB. Take Elway’s first name and Tebow average John 3:16 anyone-
• Tebow has been trashed by the media- Jesus was trashed by the Pharisees.
• Tebow is very poplar in the eyes of some who like and adore him but despised by those who didn’t. Jesus drew huge crowds who wanted to be near him but entrapped by those who didn’t like him.
• Tebow prays a lot - even while on the grassy field- Jesus prayed a lot in a garden full of green grass.
• After a miracle play, Tebow gave God all the glory. Jesus said after each miracle, "Your faith has made you well” giving God the glory.
• People doubt Tebow’s ability to be a “true” quarterback. People doubted Jesus was the “true” Messiah.
• Tebow surrounds himself with 12 other men to assist him- 10 other players + 1 head Coach + 1 Offensive Coordinator = 12) Jesus had 12 apostles to assist him.
• Tebow has five letters, Jesus has five letters.
• Tebow plays in Mile High stadium, Jesus’ sermon on the mountain top.
• Tebow bounces off defenders, Jesus bounced the money changers out of the temple.
• Tebow rose to the occasion at the most crucial time after a three game skid. Jesus rose from the grave after three days at a crucial time for all humanity.

Of course, I truly don’t believe that Tebow really is the Messiah wearing #15 for the Broncos but in the end aren’t we all God’s children, shouldn’t we all not be ashamed to express our faith, and when criticized for our performance shouldn’t we too stand firm in our convictions and faith. Besides if Jesus came back as a QB, wouldn’t he resurrect a horrible team with a more meaningfull mascot, (like the Rams as mentioned in the Old Testament)  and he would definitely be a better drop back passer with a cannon arm.

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April Carpenter said...

I love this Tommy. Isnt it also amazing that (if God concerned himself with football) God chose the game to end tied, have to go into overtime, and then to set the record for fastest ending to a playoff game in overtime history. I would say God was using an ! exclamation on that one!
I did hate to see once Tebow dropped to his knee, there were photographers all around him. Give Tebow some room and respect for what he is doing. Tebow is stopping the madness for a quick word or two with God, like when we pray before a meal,it doesn't require pictures to be made. I will be phoning Tebow later and offering up my new minsitry service. "Christian Sports Public Relation Specialist". My job description will include keeping the media at bay so his moments with God can be uninterrupted, I will pray with him before and after games, and before he speaks publically and I will advise him, through God guidance of course on his public image as a Christian. Afterall God's reputation is at stake here too.