Tuesday, November 29, 2011

God’s Christmas Wish…

I remember the most exciting day of the Christmas season was the day the Sear’s catalog arrived at our house. I would anxiously turn past the clothes, appliances and cooking wear. As I came to a sudden stop on the toys, my joy began. I spent hours looking, dreaming; circling everything I wanted for Christmas. A drum set, Evel Knievel bike, Atari it had it all. That is why it was titled The Wish Book. While I never got everything I circled or turned down the page, I did wish and dream. And as blessed as I was, you could bet every Christmas I received at least one gift from the Sear’s catalog. I just could never figure out how Santa always knew exactly what I wished for and it coincidental was sold at Sear’s.
Now that I’m older, I now spend time trying to figure out what others want for Christmas. This is hard to do. Christmas is a time of giving. It’s a season of gifts, companionship, and times spent with family and love ones. Christmas is about traditions, decorations, and food. Christmas opens us up to those who are less fortunate as we give to those in need. There is an instinctive part about our humanity that ignites our generosity during this season like no other time during the year.

If Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, I wonder what Christ wishes for Christmas? What does the Creator of our universe and our existence wish for? Have you ever stopped to wonder what is on God’s Christmas list? I know we have the gold, frankincense and myrrh stuff but that has already been done. What is a gift to someone that already has everything? You can't really re gift something you don't want to God. How do you wrap up something meaningful to the one who saved you, loves you unconditionally, desires an intimate personal relationship with you, and desires the best for your life? How do you return the love? What does God want for you this Christmas? Join us during our Advent Sermon Series: God’s Christmas Wish: What God Wants for Christmas? As we look at what we can give to God that will enrich our life and relationships. As we search together, you might just find that it is everything you dreamed for that can't be found at Sears.

See ya in church but until then take care of yourself, dream, and wish.
Peace, Love, Hope, and Joy

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