Monday, October 25, 2010

I Wear Pink

Sunday as we gather for worship, we will all be wearing pink in recognition for those brave women who have battled Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer effects woman of all age, all socioeconomic classes, all races, and can disrupt any families harmony without notice. Any woman who has ever battles breast cancer will testily of the fear, uncertainly, and anxiety in bring to an entire family. Sunday we will show our visible support by wearing pink. It is a small way we can send a message to all those effective by Breast Cancer that the church prays for them, supports them, and will walk the dark journey to recovery with them. It is outward way to say; “You will never be alone.”

I had a conversation with a brave woman who battled Breast Cancer when she found out our church was wearing pink. I strongly believe her words of wisdom were encouraging to all regardless if we have cancer or not. I asked her what she learned during her battle that she would like others to know. Her response was amazing.
“Now, some may call this a miracle of modern science, but life itself is a miracle of God, and for removing a part of “me”, filling my body with chemicals and radiation, killing the unhealthy parts of me and become a new healthy living "me," is a miracle of God in my book! Many people have asked me if I feel any different, or if I act any different, if all I went through had changed my life in any way. I can answer that in three ways:

First, she says: There's urgency. I live with a renewed sense of urgency, and that has changed my priorities because I realize that if I'm to stop and smell the roses, I had best do it now. Second, she says: There is gratitude. I don't understand this miracle that has happened within me with my new body. All I can do is accept and feel grateful for each additional day I live. She goes on to say: A third change is that I now walk a little closer to God because when you've been through a harrowing experience with someone you form a special bond with them. Recovering from cancer was at times a harrowing experience, and I guarantee you I clung to God for dear life during those times. He was the good friend who saw me through, sometimes the only one who thoroughly understood. I'm grateful that He was there for me. Deep down inside I know that God will always take care of me. I also know that no one lives forever and that someday He'll decide He can better care for me on the other side of the Jordan, but until that time, I am still alive and enjoying every minute of it.

Maybe each of us can learn from her wisdom and insight as we navigate the waters of our daily life. Let’s us remember through the rough waters and storms of our life, God is with us. Let us wear pink to tell everyone, we stand with you, we will pray for you, and “You are never alone.”

See ya in PINK in church but until then take care of yourself and one another,



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