Monday, January 12, 2009

“Waiting, Worrying, and Watching.”

The day our daughter Abby was born was one of the most exciting, meaningful, and spiritual experience for me. I will admit that I was the one without the excruciating pain so I was able to have a more reflective perspective on the event. It was the first time I had witnessed a birth of anything, especially a child. The event was not at all like I had imaged or watched in the DVD at the birthing classes we took. When the crucial time for delivery came, the Dr. had not arrived. He barged in at the last second, began giving clear direct instructions to me and one nurse. I kept looking at him in confusion, until I realized we were the only ones that were there and no one else was coming. I assumed the hospital was filled with nurses and medical personnel. I was not to participate, I was just supposed to watch and coach, yell “push!”, get Kellie’s mind off the pain. That was my job and I was ready. I shouted to the Dr. “Isn’t there anyone around here more qualified to do this than me! I made a C in biology.” “No!” he replied as he gave me more instructions. I did not argue or think, I just began to follow his directions. Participating instead of watching gave me a richer fuller experience of the beauty of Gods activity in creation. The problem I had was waiting for someone else to show up and not trusting my own ability to follow clear directions. Still today sometimes when Christ calls us into action or gives us an opportunity to share His love with someone, we doubt our abilities or sit back and wait for someone else more qualified. When we get involved and serve others, when we participate, get in there and get our hands dirty, we gain a new deeper richer self awareness and spiritual experience. There is a big difference between doing the church’s work and doing Christ’s work. Service to the church is simply performing the duties, tasks and requirements needed to keep the church running and functioning. Service to Christ is living a life that is reflective of the gospel, forming relationships that introduce people to Christ’s love, and opening ourselves up and sharing how God has sustained us through the dark times in our lives. God relies on you and me not for us to wait for someone more qualified. His example and direction is found in the life of our Savior Jesus Christ. In the process we gain a deeper meaningful spiritual experience which is far better than just waiting, watching and worrying.
Serve God, Share Christ and take care of yourself and one another.

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